​​UP ART AND DESIGN GALLERY - Contemporary brings to Southwest Florida an entirely unexpected gallery venue saturated with one-of-a-kind artworks of museum stature and presented in an intimate and engaging architectural setting. Located in the heart of Downtown Naples, UP ART offers a gregarious and constantly changing selection of primarily multi and mixed media artworks of mature and emerging international, national and locally exceptional artists. 


The UP ART exhibitions explore the boundaries of fine art as well as functional art, presenting installations, objects, art furniture, painting, photography and examples of inseparably intermingled media as inventive and magical artifacts.  Such offerings have distinguished the gallery as “forward,” urban, singular and sophisticated. 


There is no lack of color in the UP ART Gallery. The exhibitions and changing collections include a true breadth of subject matter both universal and personal.  The extraordinary talents of resident artist John Carroll Long and the design expertise of curator, director and architect, Andrea Clark Brown collaborate to present collectible works that sustain critical attention and international interest while maintaining a connection to audience’s from all walks of life.  The presentation of visual and formal narratives subtly  or overtly offer editorial comment and critique over past, current or futuristic social circumstances and human foibles.


Employing the technique of “associative” curatorship, UP ART AND DESIGN GALLERY - Contemporary regularly features multiple artists’ works in intertwined accord.  Impromptu collaborations, new and unexpected “sets,” settings, alliances or didactic associations are often established.  Spontaneous “installations” emerge and converse as installation works of an accessible small scale.  


Found in the predominantly “art-conservative” Southwest Florida, the UP ART Gallery exhibitions hold extraordinary appeal to the area’s international and cosmopolitan based visitors and seasonal residents who consider the UP ART AND DESIGN GALLERY- Contemporary a must see destination for its virtual and visceral explosion of sophisticated wit and creative brio. This is a gallery that embraces “different!”

"A must see destination for its virtual and visceral explosion of sophisticated wit and creative brio."

An urban-oasis gallery “



340 8th St. S. Naples, Florida 34102



1.5 blocks North of 5th Ave South

in Downtown Naples

OPEN DAILY:  Mon-Fri   11AM - 6PM

                     Saturday  1  PM - 6PM

​                     Sunday     2  PM - 5PM

As the Pandemic continues we kindly require that masks be worn and social distancing be observed when visiting.​

Appointments Preferred: call 239.641.3898