Igomenico's works reflect coherent, in-depth artistic research: his mastery of oil and mixed techniques is clear, along with the use of a visual vocabulary comprising of signs and spellings, abstract and figurative, acidic colours for large backgrounds and small monochrome drawings in pen.

Mindful of the abstract tradition, Igomenico does not restrict himself to obsequiously copying the greats of the past. The lessons of his teachers are understood and identifiable in unintentional references to Mondrian, Miro, Klee and Klimt, from whom the artist adopts the metropolitan vibe of street art, stencils and stickers.

2014- October / December Solo exhibition Milano Scala Hotel (Milan)

2014- Group exhibition at Palazzo Ducale (Genoa)

2014- Solo exhibition at Galleria Spazioporpora (Milan)

2012- Group exhibition at Galleria Domus Turca (Ferrara)

2011- Temporary exhibition at Galleria d'Arte Tolomeo (Milan)

2011- Group exhibition at Associazione Culturale Arte Giovane (RE)

2006- Solo exhibition at Associazione Culturale Play Art in Melzo (Province of Milan)

Igomenico is a graduate of decorative painting from the Palermo State Art Institute (2005) and studied at the Brera Academy for two years in Milan.