Fiber Artist Janet Zook b.1945, d.2001 spent her youth in Dayton, Ohio and earned a degree in Mathematics from Miami University in Ohio. Following her graduation, Janet took a special interest in fiber arts, art wear design, and ultimately focused her creative efforts on signature macramé techniques. As her expertise expanded, she fully employed her mathematical skills to develop a nano-macramé knotting process from which her distinctive three dimensional jewelry forms emerged.

Janet led the way among fiber artists of the 1980’s to be the first in her field to produce fully three-dimensional round balls and other hollow geometrical figures. She was known to skillfully embellish her jewelry with three-dimensional texturing via continuous micro-knotted threading that employs no alternative stitching to pull pieces together. Her knotting method was so precise that a first glance her jewelry appears to be beaded instead of knotted.

Signature works by Janet Zook include her use of antique buttons and other unique found objects integrated into her jewelry artwork. Her most prized pieces include small jewelry pocket books that are worn as neck wear. They are as useful as they are beautifully designed. Janet experimented with the integration of rare beads, Bakelite jewelry elements and miniature doll parts to produce wearable artworks of museum quality.

Her art technique was passed down to her daughter, Emily Belloli who today exercises her own artistry and whose several jewelry pieces are also to be found among the collection at UP ART and DESIGN GALLERY-Contemporary.

Janet suffered an untimely death at age 56 after a seven-year valiant fight with breast cancer. Her intention for her jewelry works had always been for them to be worn by women, not kept in a display case. Her legacy continues with the gallery’s abundant collection available as extraordinary wearable art: necklaces, earrings, bracelets and brooches.