Marilyn Mullen Brown (b. 1929) currently works out of her Naples, FL studio and is an active painter known to many who enjoy her works in the area. Marilyn has maintained a dedication to an interpretive rendering of Florida flowers “in a big way” and generally produces dramatic medium to large scale images. She paints exclusively in oil on canvas and enjoys her interpretive and luscious capture of alternative vies of these varying textured flowers against realistic, and quasi-conceptual backgrounds.

Prior to dedication her talents full-time to the canvas in the early 1980’s, Marilyn challenged and refined her artistic style by working with several other media types including charcoal, decoupage, paper maché and fabric arts. As her subject matter repeatedly made contact with plants in nature, as form and ornament, she became increasingly focused on the richness of the flower image as pattern, light and color. The larger-than-life scale of the flower portraits reinforce a pleasurable confrontation with subtleties of Nature’s art codified through Marilyn’s brushstrokes.

Marilyn holds a solid background in the study and appreciation of the visual arts, having spent several years while carrying on her own projects, as a museum docent at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art-Kansas City, Missouri and other museum institutions in Upstate New York and Dallas, Texas. She received a later day degree in Anthropology from Hagerstown Community College, Maryland, while simultaneously launching her now long-standing career as an accomplished painter.

Marilyn’s work has been severally published in Gulfshore Life, Naples Illustrated, Naples Arts Guide cover pages and her work is included in the permanent collection at the con Liebig Arts Center. In addition, her Naples home and studio have been featured in the Naples Daily News Arts feature pages, the former Home and Condo publication as well as has been included in the Naples Museum of Art Artist Studio and the Naples Garden Club Tours.

Much of Marilyn Brown’s work is seen and enjoyed in homes throughout the area.

Artist’s Philosophy
“Flowers have everything,
Not only startling images of color, but romance, sensuality, drama, intrigue and powerful insight into Nature’s mysteries of a deeply calculated structure dressed in a lovely mask of apparent joy and frivolity.

The flowers painted, extend beyond the boundaries set by the canvas, to engage the imagination and guide the viewer to a perfect and personal completion of their image.”