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Mark is an award-winning sculptor exhibiting nationally and internationally whose artworks are most often large scaled but companioned with occasional small scale pieces, all of which are primarily figural human or animal seemingly offered amidst a metaphysical theme.  

His medium is ceramic clay from which he most often renders large scale figures (primarily as quasi androgynous females) in motion whether climbing upon one another, diving, or assembled together in dynamic and almost diagrammatically mathematical relationships. Examples of his smaller pieces include charmed hybrid animal-human creatures as “Mr. and Mrs.” as well as his whimsical wall mounting of Crows Spiral fashioned after the concept of the Greek golden mean and his dearly engaging Blue Puppies.

Chatterley’s work is highly textured with a crusty and sometimes metallic sheen that creates an effect reminiscent of ancient weathering or the characteristic time worn shedding of detail common to years of exposure to elements.  There is often a mysterious and somber vacancy in the expressions of his figures and creatures. Conversely, this very dream-like mood evoked from his figures also exudes a manner of quiet fancy and whim as their alliances offer multiple interpretations and create their own fabled worlds.

Artist Chatterley lives and works in Williamston, Michigan where his studio houses a large brick kiln grand enough to fire multiple pieces at one time. His works are glazed with a mix of silicon carbide and subtle pigments of blue, green, grays and browns which together react to the kiln’s heat to create the eruptive, irregular and pecky surfaces to his forms in surprising ways. Each work takes on its own story as a result, and no two pieces are alike.  

Mark’s Education:  MFA, Department of Art, Michigan State University, East Lansing , MI 1981 BFA, Dept. of Art, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI , 1979 (High Honors) Northern Michigan University 1975-1977

Chatterley’s works can be often seen annually at SOFA, and have been among the collections of fine galleries and museums in many parts of the USA, including the former Longstreth Goldberg Gallery in Naples, Florida, the Kresge Art Museum, Michigan State University; James Wallace Trust, Aukland, New Zealand, Mr. & Mrs. Broyhill, Lenoir, N.Carolina; and East Lansing City Hall, Michigan, among others.