UP ART takes very seriously its mission to offer a venue for the public to experience museum quality contemporary art and design works that see the world that we know from an entirely different point of view. Our message is often narrative, poetical or humorous and communicates through creative interaction the extraordinary that inhabits so many of the ordinary elements of daily life.

With showcase windows facing a prominent downtown city street, the UP ART interior of 1,800 SF presents a demeanor of intimate contemporary design. The exhibition areas range in configuration, with linear galleries adjoining a clerestory lit central room. Space is precious in our galleries. Our curatorship is carefully coordinated to optimize the placing of artworks to showcase them at their best. The galleries adjoin the building’s architectural and graphic design studio providing a contiguous area supporting the display of our artists’ works as well as featuring design projects in process via display models and renderings.   The gallery grounds also provide a rear garden courtyard for the presentation of outdoor sculpture, receptions and musical performance.