Kelley is originally from the Chicago area attended the Art Institute of Chicago, exhibited nationally and has won many awards. Having lived and exhibited from New York to Florida, Kelley now divides her time between a cabin studio in Montana and a studio in Florida.

Much time has been spent studying, teaching and exhibiting both painting and ceramics. Although primarily a painter, Kelley was greatly influenced with the surface of reduction fired clay and soon found its way onto the canvas and became part of an under painting.

My work attempts to reflect the ongoing exploration of the abstract in nature, moving between the accidental and the consciously structured, juxtaposing natural and geometric forms. In my work I strive for a sense of order with nature and line. One layer influences the next, some images may be destroyed only to give life to the next phase of the work, editing is as important as the positive laying down of pigment, I’m concerned with the effects of change, growth and loss inherent in the process, taking the chance of losing the whole but often rewarded by an off chance inspired image of hidden effects, surfaces can excite and awaken attention in the viewer and inspire imagination form one’s own experiences. Sometimes an ambiguous notion may appear in the work, leaving the viewer to be engaged in the decoding the meaning of the work.

Selected corporate collections:
Delta Airlines, Duke University, MCI, IBM, American Airlines, Raleigh Federal Savings, Hilton Head Development, Wachovia, Savannah Memorial Hospital, Glaxo Smith & Klein and University Dental Center.


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