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From her early high school years, Susan Sisk learned to look at the world differently, through searching eyes that yearned to see more and see into and underneath the obvious. Her youthful artistic curiosity blossomed after encountering the works of Larry Rivers at the Chicago Art Institute who in her words combined “depiction with a totally unique  - and in fact, rather odd  - point of view.” This departure from “rules of order” carried on through her college years, while learning the techniques of printmaking and etching.

While earning a degree in printmaking, Sisk found that her true interests led to painting and collage as her most expressive medium allowing for the introduction of intense integrated color. She often explores the application of recognizable objects within a spatially ambiguous or abstract context. There is whimsy, multiple views and colorful collisions as her recognizable elements become players on a personal and surreal stage, evoking memories as well as questions. Her works emerge unencumbered by “rules” and  being unfettered, display the artist’s rare ability to reach back into the liberties and freedoms of an uninhibited child-like vision so often lost to discipline and convention.   Susan resides and paints in Estes Park, Colorado